Cella & Flo’s  came from our founder’s own experiences as a mother who struggled to find functional yet stylish clothing to wear while nursing my girls. After her first daughter was born, she went back to practicing as an attorney. She found it particularly difficult to find work clothes that she could nurse and pump in.
She also struggled generally to find clothes that fit well after pregnancy and that were comfortable, easy-to-wear, and easy to wash (kids can be messy!), so she sought to change that for all moms. Our goal is to free us from the choice between comfort, style and functionality, because why shouldn’t we have all three?
Motherhood shifts things. At a time when demands on us are high, and sleep is hard to come by, we are tasked with re-establishing ourselves and our goals in a new light, from a new lens. In many ways, we have to learn to predict the unpredictable. Our clothing is purposed to handle these unpredictable moments.
As mothers, style matters in a new way. There is less “me” time, as there is more “us” time. There is no one-size-fits-all guide to parenting, so why should our clothing fit only one pattern? Cella & Flo reflects the beauty and function that makes sense for this stage of our lives, in all its surprises, joys, and challenges. Because life isn’t either or.